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XRP ETF Hopes Dim for 2024; Cosmos and InQubeta Pique the Interest of Prominent Investors

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The post XRP ETF Hopes Dim for 2024; Cosmos and InQubeta Pique the Interest of Prominent bitcoin Investors appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News
The green light for spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) by US regulators has paved the way for new opportunities in the crypto sector. The companies behind these products had to face multiple regulatory challenges for ETFs before they got the necessary approvals but the success makes up for everything. 
Amid the buzz, there is a lot of speculation about when Ripple (XRP) might be coming up with its ETFs. If you ask analysts, it could be some time before that happens as there are several issues that Ripple Labs needs to iron out. 
Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE) and Cosmos (ATOM) are the latest to have piqued investors’ interest. Cosmos is a leading platform that facilitates the deployment of dApps. InQubeta is a decentralized crowdfunding service for AI-led startups.
InQubeta: Scripting success stories for AI startups
With InQubeta, startups can take baby steps to success and over time become powerful brands. It connects startups with investors and helps both sides find new growth avenues. The platform has a native cryptocurrency called the QUBE token which ensures hassle-free payments and governance. 
Investors can back startups by purchasing an NFT that represents companies’ projects. InQubeta has a special screening process for enterprises where they have to submit an offer to investors. These offers are tokenized and then sold on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. The online portal also allows fractional investment with QUBE tokens,
As InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency has a deflationary model it can help you stave off the impact of inflation on your portfolio. 
The model restricts the supply of the token during inflation to keep its demand and price stable. With the QUBE token, you won’t have to worry about what cryptos to buy now for a long time.
Apart from its recent surge, InQubeta was also in the news last year after it made it to leading analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists with its presale success. Its presale funding currently stands at $8.4 million.
Once a startup receives funding for a project, it can focus on innovation and grow its brand. To navigate through the various challenges of building a company, entrepreneurs can avail themselves of InQubeta’s business development services. These services put startups in touch with industry veterans who can offer them valuable insights. 

SBI holdings to unveil NFTs on XRP Ledger
Ripple is a decentralized platform that offers blockchain-based solutions for businesses. Its native token is XRP.
As Bitcoin ETFs take the crypto market by storm, there are expectations that Ripple might also roll out a similar product. However, without any indication from the Ripple team so far, analysts feel that the platform might not see its ETF dream come true this year. 
The platform was recently in the news after its partner SBI Holdings announced plans to release an NFT series on XRP Ledger. The series will be issued during the EXPO2025 event that is slated to be held in Japan in April 2025. SBI Holdings is a platform for cross-border payments.
Delphi Labs, and Astroport Foundation launch new protocol on Cosmos
Powered by the Inter Communication Blockchain protocol, Cosmos is a platform where developers can find a wide array of tools for building dApps with multi-chain capabilities. Its native token IBC is used to settle all payments within the Cosmos ecosystem.
Given its steady growth over the past few months, Cosmos has been named one of the altcoins to watch out for this year. Analysts who have been monitoring its movement believe that it might be a good time for ATOM holders to consolidate their holdings.
In a recent development, Delphi Labs and Astroport Foundation have unveiled Asteroid, an inscriptions-based protocol, on the Cosmos network. 
The protocol has been launched as a proof of concept and features applications beyond tokens and images. Inscriptions enable developers to embed data into blockchains without any native support. Asteroid will leverage Cosmos’ transactional data to inscribe new tokens.
Ripple, InQubeta, and Cosmos are among the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024 as the three tokens have posted sustained growth for the past several months. They represent the cutting-edge side of blockchain that can drive global impact when used with other technologies like AI. 
The three cryptocurrencies are built with community-driven models that prioritize user-friendly user experiences. To that end, their robust security frameworks are vetted by leading blockchain security frameworks and do a good job of boosting investors’ confidence.
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