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Video game Doom from 1993 game goes live on Dogecoin blockchain

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A developer named Mini Doge announced that he launched the 1993 game Doom on the Dogecoin bitcoin blockchain.
The game was launched using Inscriptions. A developer named Mini Doge announced that he found the 1993 game Doom inscribed onto the Dogecoin blockchain.

Ð is for Dogecoin!Ð is for Doginals!Ð is for DOOM on Dogecoin! 👹Now inscribed on Dogecoin blockchain forever!🤯 Play it now on-chain: or click on the “content” link for full screen with mouse support and mobile support! This game redefined…— Mini Doge (@minidogeart) January 22, 2024

The game also has support for full-screen mode, which also works with a mouse. To do this, follow the link in the Content section. Mini Doge warned that the first boot would take about a minute.
To port the project, the developer used “inscription” technology; these are tokens based on the DRC-20 standard. When the client is deployed, all data is pulled directly from the Dogecoin blockchain.

Amid the launch, online activity jumped. A similar situation was observed at the stage of the appearance of Inscriptions in the Bitcoin network.

Source: BitInfoCharts

The function of the Inscriptions has been repeatedly criticized. In particular, the US National Vulnerability Database (NVD) has flagged the “inscriptions” created in the Ordinals protocol as a cybersecurity threat to the Bitcoin network. According to the warning, in some versions of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Knots, BRC-20 can bypass restrictions on the amount of data transferred through a transaction by disguising it as code. Being listed as an NVD means a cybersecurity vulnerability has been studied, cataloged, and deemed necessary for public attention.

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