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Upbit Temporarily Halts Deposits and Withdrawals of SEI on Jan. 25

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Upbit ensures user asset safety during Sei Network’s network upgrade (Credit: Sei Network)
South Korea’s largest bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, has announced a temporary suspension of withdrawal and deposit services for SEI in response to the upcoming network upgrade.
The suspension will take effect at 12:00 KST on January 25, 2024. Users are advised not to initiate any SEI transactions during this period. This proactive measure is designed to ensure the safety and integrity of user assets during the network upgrade process. Upbit will closely monitor the situation and restore withdrawal and deposit services once it is confident in the stability and security of the network following the completion of the network.
This suspension is in line with Upbit’s commitment to protecting user assets and ensuring a smooth and seamless trading experience. Users are encouraged to stay informed about the latest updates from Upbit regarding the Sei network upgrade and the subsequent resumption of withdrawal and deposit services for SEI tokens.
IT타임스 YoungHa Kim (

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