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UNCX Network Official DeFi Partner on Shark Tank of Web3 ‘Killer Whales’ Show

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Fully decentralized multi-chain service provider UNCX Network is teaming up with HELLO Labs’ reality TV series bitcoin “Killer Whales,” which is dubbed “the Shark Tank of Crypto” and is co-produced by CoinMarketCap and AltCoinDaily.
With its top-notch, scalable, decentralized infrastructure, UNCX is facilitating simpler and safer DeFi. This is in line with HELLO Labs’ goal of creating a decentralized, dynamic entertainment and gaming ecosystem that reaches a wide range of people worldwide and guarantees a secure and seamless Web3 product and service experience.
The top names in Web2 and Web3 will be among the judges and entrepreneurs on the Killer Whales TV program who will hear pitches from entrepreneurs for innovative Web3 projects and products. After premiering on HELLO TV, the program will be available in over 55 countries on a number of premium streaming providers worldwide.
HELLO Labs CEO Sander Gortjes in a statement stated:

“As the Web3 space continues to learn and develop, the need for Web3 companies to work with reliable WEB3 DeFi partners like UNCX becomes increasingly important, and Killer Whales is an ideal vehicle to help fulfill that growing need. To achieve that goal, Killer Whales not only provides a podium for consumer-focussed solutions but also the vital B2B service providers in the space.”

UNCX Network’s DeFi services and solutions are essential for Web3 organizations’ security, scalability, and productivity. They also provide a strong foundation for any project to expand upon. The first DeFi partner to become an Official Partner of Killer Whales is UNCX.
Our common objective is to provide projects who apply to be on the show the chance to have their security and DeFi solutions reviewed.Before season two of the show starts to shoot in June 2024, projects will go through many rounds of interviews in Hollywood if their audits are approved. Major streaming platforms that will carry the program will be revealed in the coming weeks on HELLO TV, the streaming platform owned by HELLO Labs.
Antoine Chaveron, CEO at UNCX Network stated:
Over the past four years at UNCX, we have been creating scalable and secure technology services to improve the DeFi landscape. Our collaboration with HELLO Labs and the Killer Whales show, especially with tokenized business projects, aligns seamlessly with these objectives. This partnership not only broadens the accessibility of our tools to these projects but also will help educate users on the safety metrics they should expect projects to adopt.
It is essential to use non-custodial, decentralized services for locking, vesting, and capital raising while starting and operating tokenized enterprises. UNCX provides solutions that maintain stability, foster trustworthiness, and are consistent with the fundamental ideas of blockchain technology.
These focused solutions aid in the development of the token safety industry requirements. UNCX reduces risks, vulnerabilities, and harmful behaviors using smart-contract-based services and makes significant investments in security evaluations, which are provided by some of the top web3 ecosystem organizations. UNCX will provide guidance and support to projects to ensure they follow DeFi’s stringent security guidelines.

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