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Top 5 Exciting Projects on Avalanche Network in 2024

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In 2023, the Blockchain platform Avalanche made noise by being in the top 10 by market value and could have an exciting year ahead. With new partnerships, increasing institutional interest, and a developing gaming ecosystem, Avalanche continues to make headlines. Of course, this requires a look at the projects on the Avalanche network. We focus on the best projects on the Avalanche network in 2024. Here are those five projects.
Gunzilla Games: Designing the Future of Gaming on Avalanche
Gunzilla Games is leading the gaming world as one of the most anticipated projects on Avalanche. Their creation, ‘Off the Grid’, offers stunning graphics in a Battle Royale game.

Having raised 60 million dollars in a successful funding round, Gunzilla Games is preparing to launch the GUNZ token, potentially offering exciting airdrop opportunities. As the project progresses, the gaming community eagerly awaits the release of ‘Off the Grid’ on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2024.
BloodLoop: A Tactical Multiplayer Experience
BloodLoop is a tactical game project on Avalanche offering various combat styles, factions, and NFT-based in-game items. Set to release its native token (BLS) in the first quarter of 2024, BloodLoop is in the news for potential airdrops for early participants.

With a team from Dexed, an NFT marketplace, and tokenomic plans, BloodLoop emerges as a promising addition to the Avalanche ecosystem.
Levr Bet: Transforming Sports-Focused Gambling with Blockchain
Levr Bet enters the blockchain space focusing on sports-oriented gambling with up to 5x leverage on positions. The platform, set to announce its beta version, offers participants the chance to earn LEVR airdrops by signing up.
With a roadmap covering major sports leagues and an extensive whitepaper release, Levr Bet aims to redefine the decentralized sports gambling landscape on Avalanche.
MetaDOS: Cross-Platform Battle Royale on Avalanche
MetaDOS enters the Blockchain-based gaming world with a free-to-play and own Battle Royale game. Early participants will have the opportunity to mint Genesis Chests, guaranteeing a chance to win a legendary appearance.
The cross-platform feature adds a unique dimension to MetaDOS, creating anticipation for its launch in the first quarter of 2024. With a qualified team and a realistic roadmap, MetaDOS aims to enchant the gaming community.
Gamblino: A Decentralized GameFi Protocol for Predictions
Gamblino emerges as a GameFi protocol offering a decentralized prediction market on Avalanche. In direct competition with Levr, Gamblino targets a European audience by providing a decentralized and permissionless sportsbook.

With its unique model focused on crypto futures, Gamblino offers a unique proposition in the decentralized gaming space. Live and beta versions provide users with a comprehensive platform for sports betting and GameFi activities.
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