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Spot Bitcoin ETFs surpassed Silver in AUM; Chainlink and InQubeta bullish

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently approved multiple applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs. The approval of these ETFs has been met with positive reactions from the crypto community, with some analysts predicting that they could stabilize Bitcoin prices and promote price discovery.
Besides Bitcoin, Chainlink (LINK) and InQubeta (QUBE) have also gained popularity recently. In the ongoing presale, InQubeta has raised over $8.4 million.
InQubeta: raising the bar for AI startups
InQubeta operates a platform aiming to connect AI startups with funding sources. 
It employs a transparent investment model to allow broader crypto participation in backing emerging startups.
QUBE handles transaction settlement. 
With a capped supply of 1.5 billion, 65% of QUBE is allocated toward sales, while portions also provision liquidity incentives, staking rewards, and project development.
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QUBE applies a deflationary design that could shield against inflationary impacts. If supply rises, the mechanism restricts availability to enable competitive market pricing. Surplus tokens get burned to control circulation.
For startups, InQubeta provides ancillary business expansion services like mentorship. By accessing veteran insights, projects may navigate obstacles. Legal and accounting advice assist with operational challenges.
Marketing assistance and networking avenues also help raise awareness. Together, these offerings intend to nurture startups amid complex landscapes.
Circle integrates Chainlink’s CCIP protocol
Chainlink helps developers build dapps with a range of web3 tools. 
LINK is used for transactions on the network and is authenticated via the proof-of-stake consensus protocol.
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According to market experts, LINK may rally in the sessions ahead. 
The USDC issuer, Circle, integrated Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) for quick USDC transfers between blockchains.
Spot Bitcoin ETFs AUM flips Silver
Bitcoin is a digital currency that is widely used for online transactions. The currency is validated through a consensus protocol called proof-of-work, which ensures the security and accuracy of transactions.
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Spot Bitcoin ETFs provide more opportunities for individuals and businesses to invest in the cryptocurrency. Some experts believe that these funds will help stabilize Bitcoin prices in the long run.
While Bitcoin ETFs have surpassed silver ETFs in terms of assets under management, their legal status in different countries is still uncertain. 
There are different cryptocurrencies available in the market that have gained popularity due to their unique features. InQubeta, Chainlink, and Bitcoin are some of the widely recognized coins that have shown steady growth and have been recommended by analysts for their utility-centric models and decentralized governance. 
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