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Socket recovered 1,032 ETH following bridge protocol exploit

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After a recent exploit, the Socket blockchain protocol has recovered 1032 Ethereum (ETH).
In a recent post bitcoin on Jan. 23, the Socket team stated that they could recover 1,032 ETH (2.3 million at current rates) after an exploit in the Bungee bridge protocol last week.

FUND RECOVERY UPDATEWe have successfully recovered 1032 ETH from the funds involved in the incident on 16th Jan.We will release a recovery & distribution plan for users soon.Big shoutout to everyone who helped us from Seal911, Slowmist, Hexagate, & others:@samczsun…— Socket (@SocketDotTech) January 23, 2024

“We have successfully recovered 1,032 ETH from the funds involved in the incident on 16th Jan.” Socket team

Socket also promised to present a recovery and distribution plan for users.
Details of the restoration remain unknown. At the time of writing, Socket users have also not commented on recovering stolen assets. The project team urged community members to beware of clicking on unofficial links and to trust only trusted sources.
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Last week, a security incident affected wallets with infinite approval of Socket contracts. In response, the project suspended the affected contracts, although at least $3.3 million in funds were stolen, according to blockchain security company PeckShield.
The exploit results from incomplete user input validation, which steals funds from users who have approved the vulnerable SocketGateway contract.
Recovering Socket assets after a hack is a rare case. As a rule, fraudsters manage to cover their tracks, making the return of assets almost impossible. However, in August 2023, Cypher Protocol was able to recover approximately 50% of stolen client assets worth $600,000 10 days after the hack. The company also announced a redemption plan to distribute the remaining assets to the users affected by the hacker.
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