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Shiba Inu: 3 Things Are Stopping SHIB From Hitting $0.01

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The 1 Cent dream is the heartbeat of millions of Shiba Inu investors who want bitcoin to see SHIB reach the $0.01 mark. The day Shiba Inu’s price hits $0.01, resignations will be sent en masse and new homes will be booked. The life of an average investor will get to taste the millionaire lifestyle leading to immediate retirement for the good. However, the ‘1 Cent dream’ is becoming difficult to turn into reality as three things are stopping its price from reaching $0.01.
So what’s stopping Shiba Inu from reaching the $0.01 milestone? In this article, we will highlight the top three reasons that are making SHIB difficult to hit the 1 Cent mark.
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Shiba Inu: These 3 Developments Stop SHIB From Reaching $0.01

Shibarium Burns

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Shibarium was touted to be the Messiah of SHIB and speculations were rife that it could burn trillions of tokens. Nonetheless, the reality is further from the truth as Shiabrium is yet to announce a ‘large burn’ mechanism. A few millions of tokens sent to the dead wallet will never make SHIB hit the $0.01 mark.
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No Global Adoption

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Shiba Inu boasted 1.3 million holders at the start of 2023 and has the same 1.3 million holders in 2024. There is no mass adoption for SHIB and the investor base remains the same for a year. SHIB needs to attract another round of new and first-time investors which is successfully managed to achieve in 2021. Moreover, the ongoing bear markets are making the token find it difficult to attract new investors into its fold.
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Lack of Real-World Use-Cases

Source: Pexels

Shiba Inu launched Welly’s restaurant which provides a real-world connection with the SHIB token. In addition, it launched the John Richmond clothing line as a real-world use-case. Also, none of them are massive and contribute very less to SHIB’s price rise. SHIB needs real-world use-cases to attract new investors that can reflect positively in the charts.
In conclusion, if these three things are not addressed, Shiba Inu reaching $0.01 could only be a dream and a fantasy. Whether SHIB will navigate through the problems and solve them in the coming years, only time will tell.

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