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MIT and IBM Research Says Humans are More Capable than AI

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New research and predictions are continuously being seen on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Sometimes these research and bitcoin predictions come with a positive impact, and sometimes they have a negative impact on people. A few days ago, Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and CEO of Inflection AI, while discussing AI at the World Economic Forum, said that in the coming 5 years, AI will be able to innovate, run the market and do business. 
This estimate of Mustafa Suleyman has forced everyone to think that in the future, AI will create many problems for humans as well as many challenges, from which it will be impossible to get out. Along with Suleyman, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also said on January 17 that in the year 2024, the company may cut jobs to achieve AI, which was very shocking and scary news.
MIT and IBM’s research on AI has positive impact
After DeepMind and Google, there has been a new revelation regarding AI recently, in which Artificial Intelligence can remove some of the fears around employment takeover. The research team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and IBM has published a research, which states that humans are still a more ‘economically attractive’ employment than AI. New research from MIT and the IBM Watson AI Lab shows that this type of AI automation may come with a premium cost that employers may not be prepared for.
The MIT and IBM team has a working paper, titled ‘Beyond AI Exposure’, that raises the question of what cost implications will arise for automation with computer vision. The team’s research shows that the vast majority of positions currently identified as candidates for AI would not be cost-effective for economic automation. 
One of the major barriers to adoption identified in the research is the need to pay for the high costs of training and implementation, while systems like ChatGPT can be customised for specific purposes. Because the general nature of systems like ChatGPT makes them less than ideal for many applications. In simple words, many employers will either have to create their own AI system or rely on a vendor’s proprietary data and internal processes, which is easy to say, but it will be very difficult to follow this process in the future. It will be a difficult task.
This research on AI does not reduce concerns for human workers
In a way, this research by MIT and IBM on AI has a positive impact. The researcher says that even though humans are still a more ‘economically attractive’ employment than AI, this research does not reduce the concerns for human workers. According to Coin Gabbar, the development of AI will gradually create many challenges in the security and safety measures provided that it hinders the future of humans, the biggest challenge of which will be to secure one’s job. Because the use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing, the day is not far when AI generated robots will be seen working in place of humans. 
In the race to improve themselves in AI, big companies are increasing people’s dependence on it, which shows the danger to come in the future. While this research by MIT and IBM provides some relief, still this research does not seem to be successful in reducing human anxiety that much.
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