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Market Analysts Bullish on Bitcoin, Predict NuggetRush and Blur as Next Big Movers

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Revenue from spot Bitcoin ETFs has surpassed $800 million.
Blur could rise to $1 if bitcoin its present bullishness remains.
NuggetRush (NUGX) is a gaming adventure that offers high NFT staking rewards.

Bitcoin (BTC) spot ETFs have raised nearly $1 billion in revenue since their launch. Blur jumped to $0.70 as its bullishness continued.
Yet, most investors want to hold NuggetRush (NUGX) instead. NuggetRush is a mining game with NFT staking, gold rewards and the opportunity to collaborate with other gamers. Yet, can NUGX become one of the best cryptocurrency investments in the P2E sector? Let’s discuss.
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Bitcoin Spot ETFs Rise to $900 Million in First Three Days of Trading
Net inflows of recently approved spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs jumped to $871 million in the first three days of trading. BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETFs had a net inflow of $723 million, followed by $545 million by Fidelity. Ironically, Grayscale recorded $1.18 billion of outflows after converting its GBTC fund into an ETF.
The news came amid Bitcoin’s (BTC) struggle to reclaim the $46,000 mark. BTC traded at $39,476 on December 1. Four weeks later, BTC jumped by 11.8% to $44,167 as of January 1. It jumped by 4.9% to $46,368 by January 10, following the SEC’s approval of its spot ETFs. However, BTC fell by 7.8% to $42,742 by January 17.
Bitcoin (BTC) holders expect a recovery following the sharp increase in demand for its spot ETFs. Furthermore, they conclude that institutional trading of Bitcoin (BTC) products will jump in Q1 12024. This would boost trading activity on Bitcoin, pushing BTC up by 16.2% to $49,702.
NuggetRush Becomes Starchild of the Gaming Industry After Unveiling NFT Staking
NuggetRush (NUGX) is a brand-new NFT gaming network where players enjoy the fun of artisanal mining while stacking gold rewards. The blockchain game features a meme coin ecosystem native to Ethereum. Gamers on NuggetRush (NUGX) explore the daily lives of artisanal miners while getting a chance to amass wealth.
NuggetRush’s (NUGX) gameplay requires players to establish mining gigs. It also gives out NFT workers and machinery to help players. Each player is entitled to a few mining workers and some equipment when the game starts. Gamers can complete some challenges with these resources.However, they need a boost in their mining workforce to rise to the top of the game’s leaderboard.
Thankfully, all upgrades and new purchases that players need will be available on the game’s marketplace. Players can also earn money by selling off mined resources on its marketplace. They can then reinvest their mining revenue into boosting their resource-digging operations. 
Players with multiple mining operations will earn higher amounts from the game’s marketplace. Finally, all players are entitled to NFT staking benefits, which will offer up to 20% APY depending on the lock-up duration.
Over 160 million NUGX tokens have been sold since its presale kicked off. NuggetRush’s (NUGX) blockchain ICO is in round five of its presale. Furthermore, NUGX will get listed on decentralized exchanges when its value rises to $0.020.
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Blur Soars to $0.70 as its Bullishness Remains High
Blur has continued to outperform top crypto coins with its sharp rally that started in early November. Many altcoins had jumped due to growing demand for spot Bitcoin ETFs. As NFT activity increased in late 2023, Blur capitalized on the market bullishness, recording a $700 million increase in its market capitalization.
BLUR’s value as of December 2 stood at $0.5561. By January 1, BLUR fell by 11.9% to $0.4898. It grew by 20.3% to $0.5895 by January 12 before jumping by 20.2% to $0.7086 as of January 16.
Blur could keep rising in Q1 2024 as analysts expect a rebound in the NFT industry. Still, some market experts say Blur’s growth might be minimal due to competition from OKX. If this happens, BLUR might fail to reach $1.00 in the first half of 2023. Yet, most analysts expect BLUR to jump by 14.8% to $0.8140.
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