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Jim Cramer’s Skepticism on Bitcoin’s Future Amid ETF Launches

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The host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” program, Jim Cramer, continues to comment on the future performance of Bitcoin (BTC), particularly expressing his doubts about the cryptocurrency’s ability to maintain its value above $40,000. Cramer’s perspective emerged during a period when Bitcoin’s market value fell below $40,000, showing parallels with the declines experienced with the introduction of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).
Jim Cramer and His View on Bitcoin
The emergence of Bitcoin ETFs, considered a milestone that paved the way for mainstream investors to enter the Bitcoin world, incredibly coincided with a decline in Bitcoin’s market value.
This price retreat has led to a reassessment of previous directional predictions related to Bitcoin’s future price movements. Jim Cramer’s latest commentary aligns with this change in sentiment.
Cramer, who recently made his opinions clear, emphasized Bitcoin’s rapid value increase prior to the ETFs’ market introduction, predicting potential red candles and a subsequent lackluster market response.
Perhaps for the first time in a long while, the accuracy of this observation was proven when Bitcoin’s price fell below $41,000, paralleling Cramer’s views.

Grayscale, a leading player in the digital asset sector, recently drew the market’s attention by depositing a significant amount of Bitcoin, totaling 15,308 BTC (approximately $623.8 million), with Coinbase Prime.
This transaction by Grayscale was highlighted as just a part of the process following the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, with Grayscale transferring a total of 63,991 BTC (approximately $2.68 billion) to Coinbase Prime.
Inverse Cramer ETF Gains Even in Downturns
Amidst these developments, prominent financial analysts such as Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz and SkyBridge founder Anthony Scaramucci have been significant voices in interpreting events surrounding Bitcoin.
Despite this, the ‘Inverse Cramer ETF,’ theoretically created to take positions opposite to Cramer’s predictions, has seen an increase in value. This ETF recently experienced a 1.26% rise and is trading at $20.14.
Peter Schiff recently shared important insights regarding the current state of Bitcoin ETFs. Schiff pointed out that all spot Bitcoin ETFs have now entered a bear market, emphasizing that they have experienced a decline of 20% or more from their peaks.
The post first appeared on COINTURK NEWS: Jim Cramer’s Skepticism on Bitcoin’s Future Amid ETF Launches

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