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Is Ethereum ETF Launch Closer? Issuers Remain Confident of the Approval

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Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terret shares the community’s multiple expectations regarding the potential Ethereum ETF bitcoin launch.
Commissioner Hester Pierce asserts that the SEC will not delay the ETH ETF decision to avoid the mistake that happened with Bitcoin.
John Deaton reiterates that the XRP’s victory against the SEC will be a key factor that prevents them from labeling tokens as securities.

The anticipation of a potential Ethereum ETF launch has been creating headlines over the past few weeks, especially after the Spot Bitcoin ETF launch. In a recent tweet, Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett shared insights on the various comments and expectations regarding the SEC’s Ethereum ETF approval.

Reporting on the timeline for a potential $ETH ETF approval has turned up a plethora of different takes from ETF issuers, investment management firms and sources close to the @SECGov. ✨One $BTC Spot ETF issuer with an ETH Spot ETF application says they’re confident the…— Eleanor Terrett (@EleanorTerrett) January 23, 2024

While there are pessimistic views on the SEC’s move, the regulators’ recent approval of the Bitcoin ETF launch has bolstered the a…
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