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How to Buy Sponge V2 On Presale – Alessandro De Crypto Video Review

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Alessandro De Crypto highlights the high-potential Sponge V2 presale, echoing the success of Sponge V1 bitcoin and guiding viewers to secure this rewarding investment opportunity.
This exclusive access grants early investors the chance to reap potential rewards before the anticipated price surge upon hitting the open market.
SubscribeJoin us in showcasing the cryptocurrency revolution, one newsletter at a time. Subscribe now to get daily news and market updates right to your inbox, along with our millions of other subscribers (that’s right, millions love us!) — what are you waiting for?Sponge V2 sets bull run takeover with upgraded utility and roadmap
The meme coin $SPONGE, which made a 100x return in 2023, is getting ready for a big jump in the 2024 bull run after releasing a new roadmap and improved V2 utility.

Due to the initial $SPONGE token’s performance, investor interest grew significantly, causing its market capitalization to rise from $1 million to over $100 million. The updated Sponge V2 version now seeks to outperform the popularity of V1.

Staking is required to obtain the new tokens during the smooth transition between cycles. V1 tokens are locked via a special distribution process, and only a stake-to-bridge utility can be used to obtain $SPONGEV2.

By purchasing and staking Sponge V1, investors can position themselves for V2, with the length of the staking period affecting the quantity of V2 tokens obtained. For more information, see our guide to the best staking platforms here.

#SpongeV2’s roadmap is packed with innovative Features and expansion plans. 🚀Did someone say bigger and better exchanges? 🙌Don’t get left behind. ⚡️ $SPONGE #Web3 #Crypto #Altcoins— $SPONGE (@spongeoneth) January 21, 2024

Participants in the V2 staking pool currently enjoy an impressive 287% APY return on additional tokens; however, this rate is expected to decrease with the influx of more investors. The total staked and bridged amount currently exceeds $5 million. Check out our price prediction for Sponge V2.

How to buy Sponge V2 token (SPONGEV2)

$SPONGEV2 ownership operates through a unique “stake-to-bridge” system. Newcomers buy and lock V1 tokens, while current holders simply stake their existing ones. This comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial provides guidance on acquiring $SPONGEV2.

Step 1: Create crypto wallet

To participate in the $SPONGEV2 ecosystem, one needs an ERC-20-compatible cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet functions as a secure digital storage location for Sponge V2 tokens, with MetaMask standing out as a popular choice among various options.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Buy Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) from a trusted centralized crypto exchange. These tokens are needed to get the Sponge V2 token on the official website. Once purchased, transfer the chosen token to the MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Connect wallet to Sponge V2 website

With ETH or USDT securely stored in the MetaMask wallet, proceed to the Sponge V2 website and initiate the connection process. Locate and click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. A pop-up box will emerge, prompting for the preferred wallet selection.

Choose ‘MetaMask’ to establish the link. Before confirming the connection, MetaMask will request authorization. Simply engage with the MetaMask notification that appears and grant the necessary permissions to complete the process.

Step 4: Buy Sponge V1 tokens

Acquisition of Sponge V2 tokens via direct purchase is not currently facilitated. To participate in the V2 migration, investors must engage in the staking of their existing Sponge V1 tokens. This transaction requires specifying the desired amount of V1 tokens to be staked in either ETH or USDT.

Upon clicking the “Buy” button, the transaction will be finalized, resulting in the transfer of the specified V1 tokens to the associated wallet and initiating the staking process.

Step 5: Stake $SPONGEV1 to bridge to V2

Clicking the “Stake Tokens” button initiates the transfer of purchased $SPONGEV1 tokens to the designated Sponge V2 smart contract. This action, known as staking, will permanently lock the V1 tokens within the contract.

As a reward for this action, investors will receive $SPONGEV2 tokens at predetermined intervals over the next four years.

The bonus, given in V2 tokens, corresponds to the amount spent on V1 tokens. The bonus $SPONGEV2 tokens can be claimed following the full sale of V1 tokens and the initiation of the V2 token. If you’re looking for other investment opportunities, check out our list of the top crypto ICOs to consider.


The current presale for Sponge V2 is attracting investor interest and holds significant potential. Building on the popularity of its predecessor and taking advantage of favorable market trends, it will present itself as the next big meme coin in 2024.

Sponge V2 is unique due to its collaborations with significant exchanges, effective marketing, and a knack for creating hype. However, acquiring it requires bridging and staking Sponge V1 tokens.

For those looking to invest in this potentially profitable opportunity, this piece offers guidance on the necessary actions to take. To take part in the $SPONGEV2 presale visit


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