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Gemini Sparks Speculation in XRP Community with Cryptic Messages

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You can also read this news on BH NEWS: Gemini Sparks Speculation in XRP Community with bitcoin Cryptic Messages
Gemini, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange known for its past stance against XRP, has recently made multiple social media posts that excited the XRP community. The surge in activity began with a post that highlighted XRP, leading to increased speculation among investors and analysts. A campaign announcement containing a cryptic hint about XRP’s imminent future fueled rumors about Gemini’s intentions.
Following Gemini’s mysterious post, prominent XRP supporters, including YouTuber Eri, started theorizing about the exchange’s plans. Eri pointed out Gemini’s recent recognition as the custodian for VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF and its authorization to operate as a Digital Asset Service Provider in France, suggesting the possibility of an XRP-related ETF on the horizon.
Another notable figure, Ashley Prosper, speculated that Gemini might be preparing to introduce the token on its newly launched French crypto platform. Meanwhile, Gemini’s campaign has reignited investor interest in XRP, despite BlackRock, a giant in asset management, stating they have no plans to launch an XRP ETF.
BlackRock’s statement reflects the ongoing regulatory uncertainty and lack of trust due to the SEC v. Ripple case, questioning XRP’s status as an “investment contract.” This stance mirrors the current ambiguity surrounding the altcoin.
As the calendar shows 2024, the SEC vs. Ripple case has been ongoing for over three years, continuing to play a significant role in XRP’s future. The outcome of the case could influence major investments by firms like BlackRock and shape the token’s destiny. Additionally, Gemini’s latest post included a riddle subtly referencing XRP, further fueling community speculation.
The post first appeared on BH NEWS: Gemini Sparks Speculation in XRP Community with Cryptic Messages

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