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Dtravel’s TRVL Token Revolutionizes Travel Ecosystem in Web3

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1 Dtravel is a next-gen platform for home-sharing and it is revolutionizing the sphere of bitcoin home-sharing.
2 TRVL is the native token of the project powering the Dtravel ecosystem, allowing for payments for bookings and much more.
3 Dtravel facilitates bookings between property hosts and guests and allows parties to state their preferences and vote on those decisions.

TRVL is the utility token of Dtravel, an ecosystem empowering ownership in travel. TRVL enhances the elements of both digital and real-world travel experiences. The TRVL token allows anyone to participate in Web3 travel ecosystems, empowering users to take ownership of their unique journeys.
TRVL supports everything from reward and loyalty programs to travel industry management, direct booking platforms, and DeFi applications. It will even function as a reserve asset for the global travel industry.
In the following paragraphs, this article will discuss the contributors and investors of TRVL, how the TRVL token works, the significance of TRVL, tokenomics, and, in conclusion, challenges and improvements in the ecosystem.
Builders of TRVL can reach a network of travelers interested in their products and services. Holders of TRVL can interact with and access many Web3 travel services.
Dtravel is aiming to solve the biggest challenges that are holding back the travel industry, which include trust, reputation, distribution, connectivity, and direct bookings.
To address all of these challenges, Dtravel has developed three core products – Dtravel Direct, Dtravel Protocol, and the Travel Profile.
TRVL acts as a payment option, performance reward, community currency, and governance token. Moreover, TRVL will unlock new products and features that enhance the experience within the Dtravel ecosystem while empowering ownership in the future of travel.
Contributors and Investors of TRVL
The TRVL ecosystem is formed of blockchain veterans and former executives from Airbnb,, Expedia,, Cardano (IOHK), and Yearn Finance. Other notable contributors and advisors include Bruno Paleo, former director of engineering at Cardano; DeFi architect and founder of Yearn Finance, Andre Cronje; and co-founder Sicco Behrens.
Dtravel had raised an initial capital of $7 million as seed funding. TRVL announced its seed funding on January 16th, 2021. The initial investors include Kenetic Capital, Future Perfect Ventures, DHVC, Plutus VC, GBV Capital, AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, LD Capital, and NGC Ventures. There were other angel investors as well, including former executives from Airbnb, Expedia, Uber, and Google.
Working of Dtravel (TRVL token)
Dtravel consists of a community of hosts and guests (people who want to rent homes in different parts of the world). The important feature of Dtravel is that every participant on the platform is given the right to engage with the platform at different levels. The ultimate purpose is to benefit the Dtravel ecosystem.
Dtravel excludes the traditional form of governance with a team of executives. These executives give orders and bring all the power to every single community member and locality.
Dtravel encourages collaboration among members to continuously increase home sharing and improve travel experiences.
At its center, Dtravel is the place where both hosts and guests can share their experience and local knowledge. It also delivers training and education to all those who are interested in it. Moreover, it allows participants to use their skills to form a well-functioning community.
Significance of TRVL
TRVL is the utility token used to bridge the gap between travel and blockchain. The token serves to streamline fragmented systems within the travel industry by decentralizing traditionally centralized functions. It is trying to bring travel into the Web3 era.
Through the utilization of TRVL within Web3 travel ecosystems, travelers, travel providers, and other industry participants can enjoy a more rewarding and engaging experience. It gives users significantly greater ownership of their travel activities.


TRVL offers various services, such as booking travel and receiving discounted booking fees if paying with TRVL. It can also be used to receive rewards within supported travel ecosystems. 
TRVL aims to shape the future of travel and hospitality by submitting and facilitating votes on future prospects.
TRVL Tokenomics
TRVL has raised a total capital of $910,000. The initial fully diluted market cap is $90,000,000. The initial fully diluted market cap is calculated as a multiplication of the public sale price and the maximum supply. 
The total TRVL token supply is 1 billion tokens. The public sale of token supply that has already occurred is 10,111,110. It is 1.01% of the total supply.
The token distribution is as follows: community and Treasury hold 25%, foundation holds 20%, other participants hold 19.5%, and core contributors and advisors hold 10.5%.

It might take multiple years for TRVL to realize a fully diluted valuation, depending on how the emission schedule of TRVL tokens is designed.
Conclusion: Challenges and Improvement
The growth of industry led to centralization of the ecosystem, which have given rise to the following challenges:

Emergence of an Intermediary
Increase in the platform fees
Extraction of value arising from synergy
Faced partiality in dispute resolution
Inadequate benefits for special statuses
Increase in data opacity

To resolve the challenges that are mentioned above, Dtravel is creating a decentralized, community-owned and governed home-sharing network. The Dtravel network allows short and long-term stay accommodation research and booking while providing users with multiple choices. Additionally, it allows bookings to be placed using both traditional currencies and popular cryptocurrencies.
As a result, Dtravel platform provides various benefits to the participants, including disintermediation, low fees, fair distribution, decentralized dispute resolution, clear rewards, transparency, etc.
In conclusion, Dtravel is a revolutionary platform that is completely different from the existing alternatives. Companies that employ the principles of strict centralization and full control practically control the rest of the home-sharing market.

Where can a user buy TRVL?

TRVL tokens can be bought and sold on centralized crypto exchanges. The most popular crypto exchange to trade TRVL is Kucoin. Other exchanges include, MEXC Global, and Bybit.

Which is the most common trading pair for TRVL?

The most popular trading pair is TRVL/BTC. The average trading volume on a particular day in November 2023 is close to $21,446.35.

What are the all-time highs and lows of TRVL?

The all-time high of TRVL is $1.56, marked on November 28, 2021. The all-time low of TRVL is $0.01970412, marked on October 20, 2023.

When was TRVL launched?

The TRVL token was launched in Q4 2021 on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token.

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