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Doom Classic Game Now Stored Forever on Dogecoin Blockchain

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The classic 1993 first-person shooter game DOOM is now permanently inscribed on the Dogecoin blockchain.
This has bitcoin been made possible by a new protocol allowing developers to store large amounts of data directly on a blockchain network. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, DOOM’s deployment on the Dogecoin network marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology.
The developer behind this initiative, known as @minidogeart, announced the game’s availability on Dogecoin with the message,

“Ð is for Doginals! Ð is for DOOM on Dogecoin.”

This move ensures that all gaming data for DOOM on the Doginals platform is fetched entirely from the Dogecoin network, independent of any external sources.

Ð is for Dogecoin!
Ð is for Doginals!
Ð is for DOOM on Dogecoin! 👹
Now inscribed on Dogecoin blockchain forever!
Play it now on-chain: or click on the “content” link for full screen with mouse support and mobile support!
This game redefined…
— Mini Doge (@minidogeart) January 22, 2024

Doginals, the Dogecoin network’s version of Bitcoin’s Ordinals, are digital inscriptions that store various types of data, including images, videos, audio, and text files.
Since May, developers have been utilizing this inscription technology to add art collections and games to the Dogecoin ecosystem, significantly expanding its functionality beyond its origins as a dog-themed meme token.
The incorporation of DOOM into the Dogecoin blockchain not only commemorates a gaming classic but also showcases the blockchain’s capacity for managing a diverse range of digital content.
This technological advancement goes beyond mere financial transactions, offering a secure and permanent record of digital asset ownership.
In May, the excitement surrounding Dogecoin inscriptions led to a surge in transactional volumes on the network, reaching lifetime highs and contributing to a 10% increase in the cryptocurrency’s price.
While transaction activity initially cooled, recent data indicates a resurgence, with transaction numbers climbing from 90,000 earlier in the month to 420,000.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin Transactions historical chart

Developers like @minidogeart view the usage of inscriptions and Ordinals as a driving force for increased interest in the broader Dogecoin ecosystem, which now extends beyond the DOGE token to include a variety of collections, games, and tokens issued on the Dogecoin blockchain.
In a message to CoinDesk, @minidogeart emphasized the transformative impact of Doginals on blockchain transactions.
According to them, embedding digital assets directly into the proof of ownership adds significant intrinsic value to each transaction, making each exchange a permanent and secure record of digital asset ownership.
The inscription of DOOM on the Dogecoin blockchain is not only a nod to gaming nostalgia but a testament to the blockchain’s capability to securely manage and store a broad spectrum of digital content.
This innovation heralds a new phase in the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi) and digital asset management, showcasing the expanding possibilities of blockchain technology.

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