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Development and Characteristics of Outter Finance and $OUT

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1 To ensure transparency and ability to verify the transactions, the $OUT transactions are recorded bitcoin on blockchain.
2 $OUT token increases the frequency of earning interest on the holdings to 96 times a day.
3 Outter Finance was developed to be in line with the ongoing technical advancements in the field of finance.

Outter Finance introduces a unique advanced protocol that combines auto-staking and a rewards system to provide token holders with recurring income and appreciation. It is a decentralized financial asset built on the Binance Smart Chain and accessible through the PancakeSwap platform. 

The $OUT token represents the native token for Outter Finance. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers rewards, security, and full control of assets to its holders.

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$OUT rewards users with a compound interest (APY) model through the use of its unique advanced protocol, providing auto-staking to token holders with a daily return.

With an annual percentage yield (APY), the protocol benefits token holders by adding value to them. It has an APY of 5%. 
Development of Outter Finance
Outter Finance was developed by financial market experts. It is designed with the necessary technology to mitigate the inherent risks of the financial market. 
All the transactions are publicly recorded on the blockchain. Later on, all the transactions are verified and audited to resolve any possible fraud.
A percentage of all the transactions to help sustain and support daily rewards is stored on the network. Simultaneously, maintaining price stability and significantly reducing the downside risks. 
Characteristics of Outter Finance
The identities of users are not connected to transactions. This feature helps any user use Outter Finance without censorship. 
The security protocol of Outter Finance is designed to be hack-proof as it uses blockchain ledger technology. To prevent the intrusion of exploits, programming code is designed specially.
Additionally, it has an anti-bot system that prevents pumping and dumping.
Outter Finance is not controlled by any individual, organization, entity, or group. In this way, it gives full control to the user of their crypto assets, which they can access at any time from anywhere.
The auto-staking in Outter Finance is easy and secure. The wallet is connected to the protocol through a decentralized application. It does not need to be placed in the hands of third parties. Third parties here include banks or any other financial institution, so the user receives the proceeds. 

The interest is paid automatically, and the yield is put back into its own wallet,  guaranteeing the totality of payments while the token remains in the hold system.
Fast Interest
The Outter Finance protocol is the fastest protocol in DeFi. It was developed in such a way that all the holders of its tokens- on hold – receive the income every 15 minutes, that is, 96 times a day.
Token Burn
One of the features of the Outter Finance Protocol is the auto token burn system that prevents the circulating supply from getting out of control. In this system, 2.5% of each transaction is burned.

Every week, a number of tokens get burned, and individually, each token is valued and is on hold. Due to this, Outter Finance suffers from deflation, causing each token that is held in the hands of its holders to increase in value.
Web 3.0
Outter Finance is developed in line with the concept of Web 3.0. It transfers information without collecting personal data to create accessible content. This content is accessible by multiple applications and people without the use of a traditional browser. It is done in a completely decentralized, private, and more secure way.
By eliminating the traditional system of sharing data through websites, the information is stored and transferred in a more confidential manner. As a result, it becomes difficult for people to attack and make systems malicious through hacker actions.
Liquidity Mechanism
Market liquidity is most important and plays an important role in executing trades of $OUT tokens on PancakeSwap.
Liquidity is the amount of assets that are divided in half between $OUT tokens and BNB tokens.
Token Liquidity: When someone buys the $OUT token, the price per token will increase, and the ratio will also change accordingly.
In the sale transaction, prices will move in the opposite direction, meaning the value may decrease.
The Pool
Liquidity allows any user to buy and sell $OUT/BNB at any time. If there is less cash or liquidity in the pool, the price of the $OUT token will also be lower. 
To solve this liquidity issue, the automatic liquidity system adds more liquidity to the pool.

The developers introduced the above features to improve the functioning of the $OUT token. The automatic token burn system prevents circulating supplies from becoming uncontrollable. This token burn mechanism periodically removes a portion of the tokens from circulation, reducing the total supply and potentially driving token appreciation through increased scarcity.
Additionally, to create a decentralized, private, and secure environment for users, Outter Finance aligns with the principles of Web 3.0. 
By participating in Outter Finance, users can take advantage of the decentralized nature of crypto assets while earning rewards and benefiting from token burning and advance staking mechanisms.

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