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Cryptopia Community Asks: Can you put Pirates to Prison in Cryptopia?

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In the latest episode of “Cryptopia Community Asks,” Community Manager Laudie engages with the gaming community’s inquiries about the game’s mechanics and potential developments. A notable question from community member Meshugga. Meshugga prompts Laudie to explore the idea of implementing penalties for captured pirates in the game. Meshugga suggests that the duration of prison time for pirates should be determined by the severity of their crimes or the value of their loot. Laudie expresses intrigue in this suggestion and acknowledges the current penalty of a damaged ship, but contemplates the addition of a more substantial consequence like a prison time-out. Laudie appreciates the valuable insights brought by community members like Meshugga, emphasizing the collaborative nature of game development. While not committing to the implementation of this feature, Laudie assures the community that the developers will consider and weigh the suggestion carefully. The video underscores the importance of community engagement in shaping the evolution of Cryptopia, inviting viewers to participate and stay informed about the game’s ongoing development.—————————————————————————————————————What is Cryptopia?Cryptopia is an upcoming blockchain game that stands out by design:• Free to earn: everyone can play and earn. No need to buy an NFT first• 100% decentralized: the game runs on the blockchain in combination with a node network• Fun to play: play the way you want!Official Links[Website][Wiki][Discord][Facebook][Twitter][YouTube][Instagram][CoinMarketCap][Twitch][Spotify][Telegram] Investors[Private sale][Early-access NFTs][Cryptopia Roadmap]

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