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Crypto – X accounts are flagged! Elon Musk explains why

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X, formerly known as Twitter, is encountering turbulence since its acquisition by Elon Musk. The latest bitcoin issue: a wave of erroneous reports targeting crypto-related accounts mistakenly accused of being spam. This confusion highlights the limits of automated moderation tools on such a delicate topic.
The Anti-Spam Algorithm of X Found at Fault
In recent weeks, many X accounts dedicated to cryptocurrencies have been plagued by wrongful warnings accusing them of being automated spam. However, these are genuine accounts run by real communities.

This mistake seems to be due to the flaws in X’s anti-spam algorithm. Observing intense activity on the crypto accounts, which included many mentions and tags, it mistakenly identified them as harmful bots.
The enthusiasm around crypto naturally generates a high level of engagement on dedicated accounts, which led to the machine’s error. This presents a real challenge in calibrating this automated moderation tool.
The Presence of Numerous Bots Complicates the Task
This issue is compounded by the omnipresence of fake accounts and bots in the crypto universe. Used to spread scams or manipulate opinion, they are rampant on these topics.
These bots reinforce the appearance of suspicious activity in the eyes of X’s algorithm, which struggles to distinguish between authentic discussions by crypto enthusiasts and large-scale manipulation attempts.
The social network is facing a dilemma. How to fight against harmful bots without penalizing legitimate, albeit intense, exchanges in the world of cryptocurrencies?
A Major Challenge for the Future of Crypto on X
This moderation problem has crucial implications for the crypto ecosystem on X. Fearing being unjustly targeted, some thought leaders are contemplating a migration to other platforms such as Reddit or Discord.
Yet X remains the predominant channel for discussions and mutual assistance within the crypto community. Losing these users would be very damaging to the social network, especially with the departure of many advertisers.
In essence, this controversy sheds light on all the difficulties of moderating sensitive topics prone to manipulation. Automation has its limits, hence the importance of the human element in the equation. Will Elon Musk and X be able to rise to this challenge? The future of the social network in the ruthless world of crypto depends on it.

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