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Conflux Network — Year in Review 2023 and the Road Ahead

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In the past year, we have established ourselves as a leaders in the blockchain space with bitcoin our innovative solutions and commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. We have witnessed tremendous growth, both in terms of our community and ecosystem development.Looking ahead, we’re excited about global expansion, strategic partnerships, and driving real-world use cases for blockchain technology. We’ll invest in R&D to enhance scalability, security, and interoperability. As well as prioritizing user experience and developer-friendly tools, we aim to attract more developers.Now, let’s review our biggest achievements from the past year!🏆 Achievements in 2023Successfully opened our offices in Hong Kong.Formed a partnership with Little Red Book (China’s Instagram) to integrate Conflux Network into their platform, showcasing NFTs.Collaborated with China Telecom to develop a blockchain-based SIM card with multiple functionalities.Received investment from DWF Labs to support the growth of our ecosystem.Expanded into the UAE region through collaborations with NewTribe Capital and RAKDAO. We had the opportunity to meet with His Highness Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi to foster discussions on digital asset initiatives.🚀 Growth by NumbersHere are some notable statistics:eSpace has crossed the 100 million transaction mark.Gas prices on eSpace reached as high as 4000 Gdrip.The entire network (Core + eSpace) consistently used an average of 12.05 million actual Gas Used Per Second, equivalent to processing about 600 native token transfers every second!Over 1,064,610 new wallets have joined the network, core 515,309 espace 549,301.Over 100+ Global Partnerships.🤝 PartnershipsOver an exceptional year, we proudly unveiled many impactful partnerships that have solidified our position as leaders in innovation and collaboration. These partnerships have significantly expanded our reach and capabilities. Collaborating with TokenPocket, Alchemy Pay, Galaxy Blitz, XCMG, and others has allowed us to tap into new markets and industries. With ThirdWeb, Pyth Network, dForce, and Particle Network onboard, we’ve strengthened our network infrastructure and enhanced the efficiency of our operations. Additionally, partnerships with Dmail Network, Mold Finance, BlockSec, NuLink have enabled us to offer secure communication channels and improved financial services to our users. The collaborations with Zokyo, Onramp Newman Group; LayerZero Labs; MAP Protocol; Chainsatlas; GenifyHQ; Lambda Network; CanvasLand; Protofire; OmniHub, Mintpad, Halborn Security, Hexensio, and IoTeX have further reinforced our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. We are excited about these partnerships as they continue to drive growth and unlock new opportunities for us in the market.🎤 EventsOur team had the incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in a multitude of global events. These experiences further solidified our commitment to fostering innovation and pushing boundaries within the blockchain community. Some of the event we attended included Token 2049, Korea Blockchain Week, Istanbul Blockchain Week, AWS Web3 Day and EDGE Summit, HK Blockchain Fest, European Blockchain Convention, Chinese Web3 Ecosystem Summit, Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Summit, ETHDenver, ETHArgentina, Blockchain Futurist Conference, EthCC, Vietnam Blockchain Week, InfraCon 2023, Consensus, Bitcoin 2023, and many more.🧑‍💻 Commitment to our Developer CommunityThis year, we made a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and innovation within the Conflux Developer Community. Understanding the crucial role that builders play in driving technological advancements, we have taken concrete steps to enhance their experience.One of our key initiatives involved updating our developer portal. By revamping its structure and design, we aimed to create an intuitive platform where developers can easily access relevant resources such as documentation, APIs, SDKs, and more. We wanted it to serve as a comprehensive hub for all things related to developing on Conflux.In addition to improving accessibility through the developer portal update, we also invested efforts into creating informative YouTube tutorials tailored specifically for developers interested in building on Conflux technology.👀 Looking Ahead to 2024As we push forward into 2024, our focus remains steadfast on innovation and growth. With the expansion of BSIM, we are determined to bring our groundbreaking technology to even more users worldwide, empowering them with seamless access to our network’s capabilities.Our Grants Program will receive a significant boost as we strive to support promising projects and initiatives that align with our vision for a thriving ecosystem. Additionally, the upcoming ecosystem odyssey will serve as an exciting opportunity for us to introduce our network to new audiences across diverse industries, fostering collaboration and driving widespread adoption.We’re also launching a collaborative hackathon which will act as a magnet for talented developers who share in our passion for pushing technological boundaries. By nurturing these partnerships and embracing fresh perspectives, we can amplify the functionality of our network through the addition of innovative dApps.Amidst all these endeavors, one milestone stands out — our eagerly awaited Bitcoin Layer2 launch. This game-changing development represents not only a testament to our commitment but also an avenue towards creating a robust foundation upon which the entire ecosystem can thrive. As we embark on this journey together, let us continue shaping the future of blockchain technology while ensuring its accessibility and usability for all.Our mission remains steadfast: empowering individuals and businesses through decentralized technologies. As we embark on this new chapter, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of blockchain together.

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