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Chainlink and Litecoin investors examining Pushd presale

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Pushd (PUSHD), whose presale is ongoing, is being explored by Chainlink (LINK) and Litecoin (LTC) holders. Most are looking to diversify their portfolios. 
Chainlink is weak 
Though Chainlink is firm, some experts still recommend Pushd over it. 
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Chainlink remains volatile but is likely to recover in the sessions ahead.
Litecoin traders exiting
Litecoin is under pressure, leading holders to consider alternatives.
The coin is trading at around $70, with the overall trend being downward. This uncertainty is why holders are looking for other high-growth options.
Pushd presale in progress
Pushd is a decentralized online marketplace. 
The project aims to facilitate the purchase, sale, and bidding of commonplace items using crypto. 
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Moreover, Pushd offers numerous benefits to its investors, such as prompt withdrawals and deposits, nominal transaction fees, and a secure platform.
Additionally, investors are said to share in all profits made from transaction fees. 
Pushd is in its fourth presale stage, where PUSHD is trading for $0.075.
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