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Cartesi Token: Objectives, Use Cases, and Technical Analysis

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1 Cartesi, being a layer-2 solution supports Linux and mainstream software components.
2 CTSI token bitcoin spiked more than 60% in just two days after surpassing a major resistance. 

The scalability and high transaction fees are the main obstacles within the crypto space. However, the layer-2 chains have been addressing this issue by introducing innovative solutions. Cartesi, a platform that intends to achieve unprecedented development within the decentralized space, aims to achieve ideal scalability.
What is Cartesi?
Cartesi, being a layer-2 solution, supports Linux and mainstream software components. It does not run on a blockchain-based layer but works on top of it. It allows developers to code smart contracts that are scalable and have built-in rich software tools and libraries. It also offers services that bridge the gap between mainstream software and blockchain.
The Cartesi Machine is a Linux-based virtual machine that executes dApp computations before registering on the blockchain. As it operates on Linux, it allows dApps to be written in widely-used computing languages.
Noether is a sidechain running parallel to the Cartesi chain, which acts as a data availability oracle. It records and stores data and disposes of data that has been in use for only a short time. It saves space and maintains the chain’s efficiency for a longer time.
Objective of Cartesi
Cartesi’s primary objective is to bridge the gap between mainstream software and smart contracts. It further streamlines the software development workflows to blockchain technology using a hybrid system of on-chain transactions and off-chain computations. To accomplish this goal, Cartesi is made up of various components performing their job roles.
Cartesi aims to keep dApps decentralized and verified, along with higher scalability. To do so, it uses optimistic roll-up to execute off-chain transactions and records them on the blockchain. Additionally, it maintains transparency over the network using a cryptographic hash that contains the information of off-chain dApp functions.
Cartesi is the first operating system blockchain that uses Linux programming language to bridge the gap between software and smart contracts while maintaining the decentralized nature of the chain. Although there are many layer-2 solutions with optimistic roll-ups, some key features set Cartesi apart.
The Cartesi Architecture is the first blockchain OS and a layer-2 architecture supporting Linux. It is the only software-based off-chain computing solution that is completely verifiable. 
By implementing a variant of optimistic roll-ups, Cartesi can achieve a million-fold computational scalability. It can offer more than a 10,000 increase in computational power for the blockchain. The platform has also released Decartes SDK for the cause.
Cartesi is not specific to a chain, and the nodes do not recognize the chain they are working on, making it easy to run on multiple chains. Presently, it supports Ethereum, Binance SmartChain, Avalanche, Polygon, etc. Cartesi ensures a high level of security achieved by the features of the underlying blockchain. The chain also maintains the user’s data privacy over the platform.
CTSI Token Technical Analysis & Price Prediction

CTSI/USDT chart by TradingView (Daily time frame)

The CTSI token is back in the headlines after it returned more than 60% to investors, combining, yesterday and at the time of writing. The bulls took a bounce from the immediate support level of $0.1793 and took off. It is passing the current resistance of $0.258. It is important to note that the resistance still needs to be broken because the CTSI price has yet to sustain above it. 
Cartesi aims to connect mainstream software and smart contracts through a hybrid system of on-chain transactions and off-chain computations. The Cartesi Architecture is the first blockchain OS and a layer-2 architecture supporting Linux. CTSI token has recently returned more than 60% to investors.
Technical Levels

Support Levels: $0.179 and $0.1408
Resistance Levels: $0.268 and $0.319

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