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Bitcoin – Jim Cramer doubts the future rise of BTC

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Bitcoin elicits contrasting analyses, with some hailing it as genius and others decrying it as a bitcoin bubble. Jim Cramer, a highly influential presenter on Wall Street, seems to have shifted towards the skeptics. His recent statements reflect a growing pessimism about the future of Bitcoin, despite recent positive catalysts such as ETFs.
Jim Cramer’s Skepticism About the Real Effect of Bitcoin ETFs
In several recent media appearances, Jim Cramer has expressed doubt about Bitcoin’s ability to escape its current turbulence and return to its historic highs.

However, last month’s launch of the first Bitcoin ETFs pegged to the spot price in the United States was seen as a major event. By allowing traditional investors to buy Bitcoin indirectly through the stock market, ETFs were supposed to pave the way for mass adoption.
But this anticipation was quelled as the price of bitcoin fell after a fleeting peak. Hence Cramer’s skepticism about the actual impact of ETFs, whose effect seems to have quickly fizzled out.
Concerns Over the Fragility of the Bitcoin Market
More broadly, Jim Cramer has sounded the alarm regarding certain signals showing a persistent fragility in the Bitcoin market. Notably, the recent moves by Grayscale, which sold thousands of BTC through its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust subsidiary.
These massive sales, linked to the migration of some investors to less expensive ETFs, have contributed to the impact on bitcoin’s price. Especially since this phenomenon could last for several more weeks.
For Jim Cramer and other analysts, these turbulences reflect a change in investor sentiment, from euphoria to anxiety. BTC is struggling to find a second wind above the psychologically crucial $40,000 level.
Towards a Rekindling of the Debate on BTC’s Viability?
With his doubts, Jim Cramer personifies the shift in opinion post-ETF on bitcoin, which was once exalted but now faces a concerning downward spiral.
Some are already heralding the return of the existential debate on its long-term viability as a financial asset. Will Bitcoin manage to overcome this rough patch and confirm its status as a safe haven? Or is it a bubble destined to burst? The coming months will be decisive.
Jim Cramer seems to have joined the ranks of the skeptics, doubting BTC’s capacity to quickly regain its past allure. His opinion reflects the current uncertainty, a mix of early 2022’s shattered hopes and the still intact promises of blockchain technology. The debate over Bitcoin is likely far from over.

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